Nature Walks & Treks

Give in to the adventurous side of you. Choose between a number of relaxing walks in the jungles of Auranya- enjoy a stroll to the cliff edge soaking in the aura of the natural surroundings, the sounds, smells and sights followed by a swim in the pool or a session of meditation. or the rumbling River Nayar deep down below into the valley for a memorable picnic. Have fun the healthy way!

Village Trips

Eeda & Sila: Explore the village of Eeda for its stone and mud architecture and of course its glorious history. The valley where the Corbett Nation Park is located, was once owned by some of them. Also, they were actively involved with Banda Bahadur in his fight against the Mughals.

Talgal:  After half an hour’s drive, a short trek takes one to the quaint little village of Talgal. It is a small, secluded settlement of stone and mud houses with shingle roofs, all coated with the vibrant red earth available nearby.

Riverside Trips

Nothing can be more exciting than a trip to a rumbling mountain stream. Let the child within you come alive! Feel the sand and pebbles with your bare feet. Dip your toes and feet into the water and feel the gentle caress of the cool flowing water upon them. Swimmers can go in for a dip into the safe areas of the river or can just sit on the smoothened-out river stones in chest deep waters. For some, just watching the gushing waters with the accompanied roar can have a relaxing and deeply meditative effect. Just go with the flow!

Bird Watching

Auranya is a bird watchers’ paradise and we would like to remind you that we aresituated right in the middle of a forest rich in Himalayan flora and fauna!

The Avian Symphony usually erupts at daybreak and at times continues late into the night with the persistent tock-tock call of the night jar. The various birds one can see here are the sparrows, the warblers, Khalij pheasants, jungle fowls, bulbuls, magpies, sun birds, the white-eyes, green imperial pigeons, cuckoos, swallows, partridges, the laughing thrush, and many, many more.

The Joys of Gardening


Creating or tending a garden is a great way to build a strong bond with Mother Nature and your family. While it is a good physical activity that improvesone’s flexibility and strengthens one’s joints and muscles, some studies have shown that gardening can also help to prevent osteoporosis as well as to decrease the risk of a heart attack.

Gardening also helps to stimulate one’s sense of touch, smell and sight, helping to boost one’s mental well-being. Itis a great way to achieve mindfulness, whereby your mind is only focused on the present moment and nothing else.

Bon Fire

End your beautiful day under the starswith forest trees silhouetted in the background while sharing your experiences around a crackling bonfire. The star-like lights from the quaint villages that dot the hills complete the setting for a perfect evening.


Make your leisure time more fun and enjoyable with archery. Test your skills of patience, concentration, coordination, upper body strength, balance, and mental focus by shooting arrows at various targets.

Swimming pool

On a summer day, nothing can be more enjoying and relaxing than taking a dip in a swimming pool. The 20-meter-long pool at Auranya is surrounded with trees and flowers with beautiful views of the surrounding hills.

Indoor Games

We have a small library with books and magazines and some Board Games for you to relax indoors and bond with your family and friends

Places to Visit

Hill Top

On a sunny day when the skies are clear, one can take a 15 km drive to the viewpoint at this mountain-top to get expansive views of the majestic snow-capped Himalayas glittering like gold and silver, depending on the time of the day. The main peaks visible from here are the Bandar Punch, Swargarohini peaks, Gangotri peaks, Kedarnath, the massive Chowkhamba, Kumling and Nilkanth. Beyond these peaks lies the plateau of Tibet.

Jwalpa Devi Temple

The ancient Siddhapeeth lies on the scenic banks of the Western Nayar river at a distance of 32 km from here. It lies on the NH 534 in between Satpuli and Pauri. People from far and wide come here in the belief that their wishes will be fulfilled by offering prayers to Ma Jwalpa Devi. After offering the customary prayers we recommend that one sit in meditation for a few minutes in any quite place at the banks of the river for the energy of the place to take itseffect.Fairs are held here on the occasion of Shivaratri and Janmashtami.

Dangleshwar Mahadev Temple

The siddha temple of Dangleshwar Mahadev at a distance of 2 km from Satpuli, lies at the confluence of the rivers Eastern Nayar and Madhu Ganga. This idyllic temple’s main deity is Lord Shiva and it was built by Swami Hariharananda, a disciple of Yogi Swami Rama. The place is scenic and peaceful and achieving a meditative state comes very easily.