As the dawn breaks, gently lighting up one hill after the other, the forest erupts in a joyous symphony of bird song along with the cool whisper of the Himalayan breeze. Witness the glorious sunrise from the privacy of your balcony or from the many tranquil spaces at the retreat. Or watch the dreamy sunset in the backdrop of majestic hills with birds streaking across the orange sky.

Embrace Nature!
Celebrate Life!!

The luxurious Sunrise & Sunset cottages at Auranya achieve a perfect blend of earthy simplicity and cozy comfort with tastefully appointed rooms. Relax and lounge at the numerous spaces at the eco-retreat or go for a stroll within the retreat and the surrounding woods; Or take a trip to the river nearby and feel one with nature- after all it is an extension of you!

Sunrise Cottages

Rs.9000 Per Night + 18% GST

Four luxury cottages with wooden ceilings and spacious sit-outs offer spectacular views of the sunrise and the expansive forested hills and valley ahead. Just relax for now and forget the grind of the city life. As the sun rises, the forest beacons you to be explored.

Sunset Baya Nests

Rs.11000 Per Night + 18% GST

Five ‘Baya Nests’ sit snuggly amidst the forest grove with spectacular views of the mountains in the horizon and the river valley below. Savor the beautiful and inspiring sunsets. Align yourself to Mother Nature and give wings to your flights of fantasy. Be free! After all, impossible is just a word!