Auranya, in the Middle Himalayas, is set within a dense mixed forest overlooking the largest non-glacial yet perennial river Nayar- the first tributary of the river Ganges- merging into it at Vyas Ghat, a few kilometers downstream of the holy town of Devprayag. Local lore has it that this place was once a center of spiritualism in the ancient times. A ‘Divine’ Peepal Tree graces the entrance of the retreat. Auranya opens the window to a lifestyle where external comfort converges with inner peace, where “raw” luxury gets immersed into innate spirituality that generates a fountainhead of spiritual bliss and joy. The unique aura of the natural surroundings and the dramatic views of the hills and the Nayar valley, all make for a perfect getaway to rejuvenate one in body, mind and spirit.

Silence…, accentuated by the rustle of leaves in the gentle breeze, By the call of the wild – the laughing thrush and the barking deer, And the longing of your inner being to merge with the natural surroundings.

The buildings at Auranya, all designed by the architect /owner of the retreat, blend seamlessly with the natural surroundings, offering dramatic, “picture-perfect” views of the hills and the Nayar valley. Relax and lounge at the numerous spaces at the eco-retreat and soak-in the aura of the Himalayas. Go for a stroll in the woods and feel one with nature. After all it is an extension of you!

Spread over an area of 10 Acres set within a dense mixed forest of more than 1000 Acres, the spacious living and dining spaces- both indoor and outdoor- offer sufficient privacy to the discerning guests, so desirable in these times.

The eco-retreat is also a treasure trove of plants and minerals esteemed in Ayurveda and great effort has been made to protect them and their natural surroundings We at Auranya are committed to preserve and propagate this legacy.

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Visitor's Memories

Amazing place, beautiful mountains, serene, birds are singing whole day long………..Had a wonderful time !


It’s a beautiful location and one thing that is abundant here is silence: Just the perfect place for Yoga retreats.

– Ram


For me, this place has worked like magic. Helped me to realize my inner being.

– Claire

Beautiful place and very friendly, very cool; Perfect for us French people of all ages.

– Patrick